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Unique Setup Required, Meshing a Experience Cloud interface with Salesforce


Education Client was built to prepare its students for success. As a sister company to a large University and long-time users of Salesforce, the popular CRM platform first in mind when a new business venture came to mind. Client saw a unique opportunity. Instead of turning away those students who didn't make it past the application process, why not give them the push they need? Needing a unique classroom-style offering, SaltClick knew that a heap of customizations were in order.


Since Parent Company and Client are two separate learning entities, the Parent Company felt the latter should have its own Salesforce instance. The brand required a higher-education cloud platform where students could register for courses, take those courses and receive grades—one that would integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. TheClient’s one-on-one coaching program also necessitated a custom-built app within Salesforce for the institution to track this additional component of the program. The primary challenge Client faced in merging its platform with Salesforce involved the need to have an interactive interface. Because students would be utilizing the platform to register for courses and coaching, the academy needed a front-facing Experience Cloud site. A straightforward Experience Cloud model, however, wouldn’t be completely effective because students wouldn’t be receiving Experience Cloudlicenses on the Salesforce end. Client required a hybrid platform that students could use to track their coursework and administrators could use to collect enrollment data.


To bring its vision to life, the Client teamed with SaltClick to customize a hybrid interface that would enable Salesforce to track course registrations and coaching sessions without sacrificing the Experience Cloud component.SaltClick set up higher-education cloud platform PETA, which not only integrates with Salesforce, but also enables customizations. SaltClick used site pages and custom objects to build a completely interactive page that’s housed on Publix. Client’s students are able to access the site in a Experience Cloud capacity, while all of their data is filtered back to Salesforce. For Client’s coaching offerings, SaltClick built a custom app within Salesforce that would track the sessions students signed up for. Going beyond tracking, the app flags students who are at risk of not completing their coaching programs. The hotlist dashboard SaltClick created has the ability to score students based on their progress and activity. If they remain inactive for long periods of time, this shows up in Salesforce, enabling the academy to reach out to them.


Client has successfully implemented SaltClick’s custom-built platform to enroll students and track registrations. In fact, Client was so impressed with the system’s rollout that it’s considering implementing this hybrid model for its main university as well. Since updating its platform, Client reports a more straightforward and seamless experience for students and administrators, with all registrations and enrollments flowing easily back to each student’s record in Salesforce. Client also expressed satisfaction with how quickly SaltClick was able to turn the project around, citing a timeframe of just two months. Client was able to launch its initial scheduler almost immediately thanks to SaltClick’s dedication to finding a timely solution.

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