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Supply Chain


Guided Sales Process from Lead to Opportunity Close


Increase visibility of sales campaign’s measures and successes. Using Salesforce data validation resulted in better territory alignment, accurate financials and quick case resolution. Integration with WordPress website, Information Builders,


The main issue the client was experiencing was how to find a way out of their legacy, non-supported, open-source CRM platform. It was difficult to use and that resulted in inconsistent data, lack of visibility when it came to key metrics, and frustrated staff who were using spreadsheets and other non-standard methods. Business initiatives were hard to drive and complete. How can you complete a goal if you can truly understand your success? And since each sales representative was using their own process, possible action plans and opportunities weren’t visible. With an outdated CRM, it’s hard to provide exceptional service throughout the sales process.


Create a guided sales process with Salesforce that automatically moved the sales process based upon the information gathered. Salesforce applications, alerts, and guidance prompts allows users to flow and effectively move customers throughout the sales process. By integrating Sales Cloud into the client’s infrastructure, Client was able to support their member engagement (website) and executive reporting with the BI tool. Even further metrics allowed for visibility in annual contract usage per member and the number of contract activations per business partner.


SaltClick was able to provide Client a new, Salesforce CRM platform that improved their customer’s experience through seamless sales management. All supported by a single system.

Client now has:
  • Better territory alignment             
  • Reduction in administrative time
  • Auto-dropped stale leads   
  • Accurate financials
  • Increased visibility of campaigns with dashboards and alerts

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